Helsinki is a growing, innovative metropolis, well connected to both Europe and the developing Eastern markets. In coming years, Helsinki will implement a large number of major city development projects. Some of these are located at the very centre of the city as old ports and railway yards are transformed into modern residential and business locations. This provides exciting opportunities for builders, investors and all businesses in need of modern, well-located premises.

The City of Helsinki seeks to provide a good operating environment for all enterprises irrespective of their field of operations. In addition, the City of Helsinki Strategy Programme 2013–2016 defines five key sectors that the City especially seeks to strengthen.These key sectors are

  • wellbeing,
  • environmental business,
  • information and communication technology,
  • travel and design. 

Helsinki has been ranked as the most favoured European city for entrepreneurs (2009). The ECER-Banque Populaire Ranking assessed the satisfaction of entrepreneurs with services delivered by public and private sector organisations in 37 major European cities. The study took into account accessibility and the promotion of entrepreneurship, pre-creation and post-creation support, as well as funding and environment. The top ranking shows that Helsinki provides extremely fertile ground for doing business.

Helsinki was ranked second in European Cities and Regions of the Future -evaluation. The ranking was done by  fDi Intelligence, a division of the Financial Times Ltd, being the largest FDI centre of excellence globally.  Finland’s capital has been receiving increased attention for its efforts to attract FDI and scored particularly well for FDI Strategy. The city highlighted its focus on three key areas to promote investment: Research, development and innovation; growth capital and hi-tech start-ups; and transnational functions, such as sea and air links.

As a solid city infrastructure sets the foundation for a good business environment, Helsinki invests in a very high standard of quality. In addition to physical structures, this includes stability and security, a transparent administration and the overall smooth efficiency of the working environment.

An easily accessible city

Helsinki is easy to access from abroad by sea and air, and has direct rail and road links to Russia. The location of Helsinki provides interesting opportunities, as the city is surrounded by fast-growing markets and is easily reached from the EU and from Russia – and, relatively speaking, also from the Far East. In addition, these new districts currently being planned and built are also very well situated within Helsinki. 

Highly educated and happy employees

Another point to consider is the concentration of knowledge and the high productivity in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Alongside Finland attaining first rank in the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), a third of the workforce has been awarded a university degree and Finland ranks among the top three globally in R&D spending per capita.

According to most quality-of-life indicators, Helsinki is one of the best places in the world to live in, offering high levels of public health services and education, quality accommodation and leisure activities including a variety of cultural events. These are all good selling points for attracting the best employees.

Environmental responsibility made easy

Helsinki will assist your company with taking care of the environment. As the city is comfortably surrounded by unspoiled nature, this may have contributed to our desire to develop sustainable solutions in many areas. The excellent public transport system is only one of the many things we do for our environment.

International achievements 

A selection of the success that Helsinki and Finland has reached in comparisons and know-how. Read more