Helsinki High-rise International Design-Build Competition

Helsinki High-rise is an International Design-Build Competition. The Finnish State and City of Helsinki are organising a competition for the design and construction of the Central Pasila Tower Area, which is located in Helsinki immediately adjacent to the downtown area. The aim of the competition is to choose a high-quality plan for the development and construction of 150,000-200,000 square metres for residential, office and commercial space.

Helsinki High-rise is a Design-Build competition, in which the party submitting the highest quality plan-solution will have the right and obligation to procure the building rights for the start-up area specified in the competition as well as develop and construct the planned area. In addition, once construction on the start area has made sufficient progress, the competition winner has the right to procure the building rights for a specified option area and the obligation to develop it as agreed.

The plan location is an entity called the Central Pasila Tower Area. It is located in Finland's most accessible area - a traffic hub adjacent to the Pasila train station. 

Helsinki High-rise: 8-10 towers, at least 15 floors, 150,000 - 200,000 floor square metres, Competition: 20 000 – 95 000 fsm. 

Preliminary changes to the Helsinki High-rise competition programme


Urban Development
Project Manager Niina Puumalainen
Helsinki City Executive Office
Telephone: +358 40 334 7691 

Real Estate Development and Sales
Chief Adviser Antti Kari
Senate Properties
Telephone: +358 40 568 6540 


Head of Project Dan Mollgren
Helsinki City Planning Department
Telephone: +358 40 336 1507 

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