Honkasuo is the largest new wood construction area in Helsinki. Special attention will be paid to the ecological sustainability of the construction projects and the housing during the entire lifespan of the buildings.

Wood construction is used in an effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, while natural methods of delay will be favoured in the management of storm water, namely rainwater and melt water. New technology is also incorporated in the area’s district heating network. The land of the future residential area is owned by the City of Helsinki.

The construction of the area started in 2013 with the construction of streets, water and sewer systems and retention ponds for storm water. The construction of the first plots for single-family houses and low-rise buildings is currently being prepared. By 2020, Honkasuo will be developed into a residential area with homes for more than 1,600 inhabitants in detached houses, terraced houses and low-rise buildings.

Honkasuo is located in the northern part of Malminkartano and borders to Myyrmäki in Vantaa.


The streets of Honkasuo have been planned with safety in mind, as the curvy street network curbs pass-through traffic and lowers driving speeds.

The parking spaces are usually located on the plots in connection to the housing.

Honkasuo is also well served by public transport buses. The nearest train stations are within walking distance, in Malminkartano on the Helsinki side and in Myyrmäki on the Vantaa side. There is a direct train connection from these stations to the centre of Helsinki and, since summer 2015, also to the Helsinki Airport along the new Ring Rail Line.

The objective of the detailed plan for Honkasuo is to establish smooth walkways and to support commuting and the running of errands by bicycle. The pavements will be constructed on the collector and access roads, while cyclists ride on the driveway. The area will also have several walking and cycling routes and park paths, which also lead to the surrounding recreation areas and routes.