Jätkäsaari is becoming a perfect area for business, with easy access to the city centre, as well as to the east and west.

The vicinity to the city centre along with the demand for various kinds of services makes Jätkäsaari an attractive location for entrepreneurs. In addition to its 21,000 residents, services will be utilised by people travelling through the passenger harbour, staying in hotels, using the sports centre or working in the area.

Grocery stores, specialty shops, cafés and restaurants will be built in order to meet the needs of residents, employees and visitors in Jätkäsaari.

Offices and building lots

Jätkäsaari offers opportunities for businesses of many sizes, with the availability of office space in several places. Small businesses can also choose a street-front location. The street-front shops on the ground floors of residential and office buildings are mainly located along the main streets, enjoying close proximity to tram stops.

The central blocks of Jätkäsaari will offer a range of services, shops, offices and apartments. Both the general concept and the detailed plan of the central blocks are still in the planning stage, and no developer has been chosen yet. The local plan of Jätkäsaari permits the construction of office space in the passenger harbour areas.

On the west side of Jätkäsaari, a private cancer hospital and research facility has already been built, with many hotels also to be constructed. A number of office building lots have not yet been acquired.

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