The Kalasatama tale is the result of teamwork

Kalasatama has a co-written tale, which took form together with co-operation partners.

Kalasatama – Smart from the Start

Top Dog 
”From Fish Harbour to Wish Harbour”

At Kalasatama, the past, present and future go hand in hand – the only constant in this equation is the sea. This is also reflected in the name Kalasatama, which means “Fish Harbour”.

Much has transpired along Sörnäinen’s shores during the last 150 years: Finland’s key hub for land and sea traffic was born right here, backed up by the largest, most compact industrial area in the core city area.

The new Kalasatama district will be built with all due respect to the various layers of the area’s past, while nurturing continuity. Over the coming years and decades, a residential area for the new era will take shape. 

If Kalasatama has a product promise, it’s this: the sea will never abandon you, it will always remain.  

The wind here is somewhat gentler. Soon enough, proud towers will rise upwards and a new ‘way of doing’ will lay claim to the entire area. While a touch of sea salt is in order, other flavours are needed, too: the best practices of smart urban development, forerunner mentality and drive for the future. Such will be Kalasatama’s recipe for success.

Seaside Superhub
”Superior connections, optimal location”

If Kalasatama didn’t exist, we’d have to invent it. Its location, just off the downtown area, is superb – even the international airport is conveniently close by. The district’s own metro station guarantees the best possible logistics flow. You can also reach Kalasatama by tram, bus, your own car – or you can bike along the atmospheric shoreline promenade. And then there’s the sea, if that’s your preferred mode of transport. 

The area’s architecture capitalises on the marine environment: the streets are laid out to give everyone access to seaside views. The shoreline will be enlivened by floating apartments and restaurant boats. 

Room to breathe is being provided in new ways. Just think! In this Smart City, you can take a moment to reflect on how best to reconcile those work, family and leisure demands.

Everyday life is made so much easier by the fact that the Kalasatama Centre provides a wealth of convenient services, with an abundance of smaller local stores nearby. It also hosts a social/healthcare station. Take a stroll through the park – or visit the neighbouring islands of Korkeasaari or Mustikkamaa.  

With everything close by, you feel like you’re in charge of your life. Everyday activities run much more smoothly and the mind clears – giving way to new horizons!

Smart City
”Embedded IQ”

Welcome to Smart City! Kalasatama has been chosen to be a national pilot project that will give us a taste of the future of Finnish eco-living. 

But what is the game plan in raising Kalasatama’s IQ sky-high? – Well, Kalasatama wants to put big emphasis on renewable energy, and, thanks to Smart Grid technology, even the most ambitious visions are not out of reach.    

At Kalasatama, the idea is that even individual houses can readily produce energy – for their own use and for sale.  Furthermore, Kalasatama is poised to make a breakthrough with regards to electric car use, and the local infrastructure will be built bearing this in mind. A number of smart traffic solutions will be launched right here.

In addition, an underground waste collection system will bring hi-tech to waste management. Information will flow smoothly as well: the area portal Fisuverkko (managed by Kalasataman Palvelu Oy) will do its part in establishing great channels of communication, making sure that the commercial players and the citizens are able to find each other.   

At the very core of smart urban construction we find flexibility: the neighbourhood is developed through experimentation. At the same time, open data will be utilized in every conceivable way to enhance the quality of life for the residents.

So there will be no technology simply for the sake of technology here. This Smart City has emotional edge, too. 

Community 2.0
“Taking the ‘ban’ out of ‘urban’”

Kalasatama offers room for the urban culture to develop –in fact, the City of Helsinki has encouraged this in a variety of ways, inviting citizens to come and claim the area. The result has been pop-up restaurants, art projects and events for all tastes. 

While the district will be under construction for over 20 years, “the spirit of Kalasatama” is already taking shape in the minds of the people. Kalasatama is a place where a new type of community mindset is finding its own rhythm and patterns. It is also a location where seaside nature and the built urban environment come together, seeking growth and development under common terms.   

Kalasatama is all about doing things together; it’s an ecosystem for all of us. Located a stone’s throw from the cultural offerings of Suvilahti and always within striking distance of the delicacies of Tukkutori market, Kalasatama is everything a bold pioneer could wish for! 

The Kalasatama forerunners look out to sea, as they always have. The sun will soon rise upon the majestic towers of the Kalasatama Centre, the skyscrapers of this pocket-sized metropolis. 

Extend your gaze far enough into the horizon and you will see Kalasatama developing into one of the world’s classic waterfront areas.


Elevator pitch:

Kalasatama is as smart as they come – and green to the core. This new seaside district is being built on the best available spot, firmly connected to the city core. In terms of its size and impact, this emerging community is the country’s key construction project.  Kalasatama is a model area for smart urban development that is exploring the residential living of tomorrow already today. Driving this change, there is a wealth of open data applications and next-practice pilot ventures.     

Construction of Kalasatama began in 2011 and will continue until the 2030s, by when it will be home to 20,000 residents and a working district for 8,000 people. Kalasatama’s social ecosystem is developing fast; this robust neighbourhood is a pilot for a new kind of community orientation and multi-layered urban culture.   

Kalasatama will feature ambitious high-rise construction, floating apartments and ecologically sound residential living – as well as enticing greenery and kilometres of seaside promenade. Kalasatama will set the new standard for quality living, working and leisure for decades to come.   

Kalasatama – an instant classic!