Commercial services

In future, Kalasatama will provide a large number of commercial services for businesses and residents. 400,000m2 of office premises will be built in the area, and the district will provide a workplace for 10,000 people.

SRV, the building developer of the 200,000m2 Redi plans and constructs the future premises, the shopping centre with 200 commercial premises, streets, bridges and the extension to the metro station. 1 200 apartments will also be constructed within the structure.

The shopping centre opens in 2018, and the first residential tower will be ready for occupants around 2019. By 2023, Redi will be completed.

 Redi is implemented as a partnership project between a private developer (SRV) and the City of Helsinki.

Premises and lots

Kalasatama offers numerous lots for building business premises, with ecological solutions, transformability, fast Internet connections and services for properties and premises playing a major role in building solutions.

Basement shops, restaurants and different services will exist alongside historical industrial buildings and modern architecture.

Smart energy solutions

The carbon-neutral future of energy services is being built in Kalasatama. In this model smart-grid area, the user of electricity can also be its producer, with Helsingin Energia, Helen Sähköverkko Oy, ABB and Fingrid also signing a letter of intent for technological collaboration and testing in the development of future smart energy solutions in Kalasatama.

The goal is a model neighbourhood with a smart grid of global significance, where the latest technological innovations in energy, information and telecommunications are combined. This will create a sustainable energy system with services that are also suitable for further application elsewhere.

Smart Kalasatama

In autumn 2013, Helsinki launched the Smart Kalasatama project, which aims to make Kalasatama a model district for intelligent city development – Helsinki’s very own Smart City district. The area is being developed flexibly and through piloting, in close co-operation with residents, companies, city officials and other stakeholders. 

The goal of Smart Kalasatama is to manage resources so intelligently that residents will gain an extra hour of free time every day. The project will lay the groundwork for new city services and innovations as well as create a wealth of business opportunities. Service creation will be supported by ICT technology and open data.

Smart Kalasatama

Available lots

Numerous office and business sites will be build in Kalasatama, with The Real Estate Department of the City providing information about available lots.

The Real Estate Department

A superior standard of office and business spaces will be constructed next to Redi, with private companies in the market providing the premises.

Lindström Invest
REDI for Success. Kalasatama's very own shopping centre is big on connectivity – creating both logistical and emotional proximity (Nordicum Real Estate Annual Finland 2014)