Ecological solutions are important in the plans for the Kalasatama area. Effective public transport, which helps to reduce air pollution, is one of the greatest benefits of Kalasatama. Also, the light traffic network will be extensive, with numerous bicycle paths and pedestrian zones leading directly to the city centre and to the other parts of Helsinki.

The building of Kalasatama integrates the urban structure of Helsinki making it more compact. 

A possible rise in sea level along with unusual weather conditions have been taken into consideration in planning Kalasatama, and they pose no threat to the area. The streets of Kalasatama will be built at least 2.6 meters above sea level, with the lowest floor level to be approximately 3.5 metres above sea level.

Waste management

The logistics of Kalasatama is eased with an automated vacuum waste collection system. Covering the whole area, the piping connects to the Kalasatama waste collection point, which is located in the centre of the area.

Residents carry sorted waste from their domicile to the waste collection point of their building. There are trap doors for mixed waste, biodegradable waste and paper and carton, with sorted waste automatically suctioned into the pipe work, greatly improving the convenience of waste transportation.

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