Kalasatama, located in the eastern part of the Helsinki central area, will provide homes for 25,000 residents and offer 10,000 jobs by the end of 2030s.

It will be a lively district, offering both rental and owner-occupied apartments, as well as housing for students and seniors. The key idea of the planning is to create a compact city milieu situated close to maritime nature, with many apartments enjoying a spectacular view over the beautiful archipelago.

The blocks of Kalasatama are mainly urban one-entrance blocks where also three-story multi-family residential buildings will be built. Plans have been made to build terrace houses with balconies on the seaside, and apartment houses with their very own dock space for a private boat by the shore.

In Kalasatama, the residential houses extend almost down to the waterfront, and there will also be space reserved for a waterfront route for outdoor activities.


A tendering process will assist in locating original housing architectural solutions for some of the Kalasatama blocks.
Some 40 special floating apartments are planned for the Verkkosaari section in Kalasatama, with construction to start in 2018. These floating houses are privately financed.

Redi will give downtown Helsinki an entirely new look

Redi will consist of six residential tower blocks, and tower blocks with hotel and some offices. The towers will have 20–33 stores, the highest tower reaching 132 metres. In the area of Redi, Itäväylä and the metro line will be covered with an extensive lawn-covered deck, which will also serve as the floor for residential building yards. 


In Kalasatama, residents have easy access to a variety of good services, with both commercial and social services nearby, along with basement shops.

The construction of public services started in Sörnäistenniemi with an around-the-clock day care centre, with a school and a day care centre. Health and Wellbeing centre will be ready in 2017 and operation starts in 2018.

The commercial services will be found in the Redi shopping centre which opens in 2018.

Smart Kalasatama

In autumn 2013, Helsinki launched the Smart Kalasatama project, which aims to make Kalasatama a model district for intelligent city development – Helsinki’s very own Smart City district. The area is being developed flexibly and through piloting, in close co-operation with residents, companies, city officials and other stakeholders. 

The goal of Smart Kalasatama is to manage resources so intelligently that residents will gain an extra hour of free time every day. The project will lay the groundwork for new city services and innovations as well as create a wealth of business opportunities. Service creation will be supported by ICT technology and open data.

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A 100-year-old former gas plant next to Kalasatama in Suvilahti will be renovated into a cultural centre.

The centre will provide premises for work, performances and the arts, along with many kinds of clubs, festivals, concerts and exhibitions to be organised in Suvilahti. The Suvilahti area includes two gasometres and nine other buildings, situated on a combined floor space of approximately 12,500 square metres.


Food and fun from the Abattoir

The Abattoir is located next to the Kalasatama metro station in the historical part of the Wholesale market area.

The Abattoir is expanding into a Gastronomic Centre, which will include restaurants, coffee houses, a market square and possibly small gourmet shops to serve the general public. Farmers Market, several restaurants and shops are already open.

The Abattoir

Helsinki Zoo

Helsinki Zoo on Korkeasaari Island is situated just a stone’s throw from the southern tip of Kalasatama. A new bridge and tram connection will be built to Korkeasaari as part of the Kruunuvuorenselkä bridge project. The zoo will subsequently undergo major changes over the coming decade.

Helsinki Zoo