Kalasatama will be built in the middle of an existing compact urban structure. Construction has already commenced and it is one of the biggest development projects in Helsinki. Kalasatama is already home to some thousands of residents. 

Kalasatama is a former harbour and industrial area of approximately 175 hectares of waterfront on the eastern side of the city centre owned by the City of Helsinki. The harbour was moved to make room for the construction of residential and office buildings.

The completion of construction is estimated to occur in the 2030s. A total of 1,200,000 m2 new housing premises will be built, along with 400,000 m2 of office premises.

The first services are in place including two daycare centres and the school. Redi shopping centre located in the heart of the area will house most of the area’s commercial services. Redi, the centre of Kalasatama, will consist of eight 20–37-storey towers. A park will be built on a deck above the Itäväylä Highway in the Redi area. The centre will include housing for more than 2,000 residents as well as shops, restaurants and offices. The shopping centre opens in 2018 and the first apartment tower will be finished in 2019.

Streets and parks

The central park of Kalasatama covers 3.5 hectares of land, offering an area for relaxation.

The wedge-shaped park runs through the centre of the precinct, offering a fine view to the south towards downtown Helsinki, lined by a recreational area, playground and school.

In future, a new 6km long light-traffic route along the waterfront will connect Kalasatama to the city centre. Kalasatama will also be connected to the old urban structure with a bridge.


Traffic plans are based on excellent accessibility, both by public transport and private cars. Effective public transport options enable eco-friendly cohabitation of both companies and residents in Kalasatama.

The public transport system is based on the development of the metro and other connecting services. A new mini terminal in the metro station will serve as an intersection of public transport in the future, connecting Kalasatama to the city centre and other parts of the Helsinki metropolitan area.


After opening in 2007, a metro station already currently serves the Kalasatama area. In the 2030s, after construction is completed, some 23,000 passengers daily are estimated to pass through Kalasatama station.

Tramline and bus

Tramlines and new bus routes will serve Kalasatama in future.

Light traffic

An extensive bicycle path network is planned for the area. It will provide environmentally friendly transport options for residents. The main avenues and collector streets will be adorned with bicycle paths, along with waterfront promenades serving cyclists and leisurely strollers.

Car traffic

Kalasatama is easily accessible by car from every direction, as it is located in the intersection of two highways. A tunnel to serve motor vehicle traffic is planned.


There will be parking garages and parking spaces in the streets. A garage will be built within the metro station and shopping centre. In the residential blocks, parking will be organised in aboveground parking spaces or underground garages. There will also be parking spaces in the streets for clients and visitors for car sharing services.