There will about 800 jobs created in Kruunuvuorenranta, with business premises covering about 55,000 m2 of total floor space being built in the area. In addition to basic services provided by the public and private sectors, an abundance of recreation and tourism-related services will be needed in the area.

The majority of business premises will be located in the commercial centre of Haakoninlahti at the ground-floor level of buildings lining the main streets as well as in and around the shores. .

Plans have been outlined for some business activities to take place in those kiosk-like smaller sumps that will be conserved and on the former loading platforms.

In addition to the smaller sumps and the platforms, oil companies have left space for businesses underground: a fuel store of 300,000 cubic metres and a smaller storage area for dry goods, furnished with equipment for an automated storeroom.