The area where the Kuninkaantammi district will be built is currently mainly an industrial area, and the current residential population is only about 100. Some of the current business facilities will be retained in the plan for the new district.

Some of the current business facilities will remain at Kuninkaantammi:

  • Pitkäkoski waterworks
  • Laboratory and office building of the Finnish Environmental Institute
  • Edita printing press and office building
  • Veterinary border control point, for a transitional period

New workplaces will be created at Kuninkaantammi in extensions to current business facilities, at street level in residential buildings along the new streets and in a new business block to be built along the Hämeenlinnanväylä motorway.

The Pitkäkoski waterworks is the southern terminus of the Päijänne Tunnel, which supplies drinking water to the Helsinki metropolitan area. There is an underground backup water storage cistern under the waterworks to ensure availability of water in case of a disruption to the water supply.