Kuninkaantammi will be a pilot project for storm water management in Helsinki, incorporating conspicuous new technical designs on streets, in parks and on housing plots. Visible rain gardens will be favoured in garden design.

Vantaanjoki river is home to the rare Thick Shelled River Mussel. This is a directive-protected species whose habitat may not be disturbed by the construction at Kuninkaantammi. This has been taken into account in the storm water management plans. The storm water from Kuninkaantammi will be conveyed through various delay arrangements mainly to Mätäjoki river and to a lesser extent to Vantaanjoki river. Retention ponds in green areas will also filter impurities out of the storm water and thereby help safeguard the habitat of the Thick Shelled River Mussel.

Kuninkaantammi and Honkasuo – Climate clever housing (PDF)