In the Kuninkaantammi plan, a dense central urban cluster is surrounded by low-rise housing. The overall impression will be that of an urban environment with parks. The current low-rise housing area along Kuninkaantammentie will be retained and incorporated into the new district.

The central blocks will be densely built, with small apartment buildings and low-rise housing. The low buildings will be placed along the access roads, emphasising the urban character of the area.

Wood construction will be favoured on the southern slope of the district. Apartment buildings, terraced houses and semi-detached houses will be built along the park, Helene Schjerfbeckin puisto.

  • Building types will vary; the district will have both apartments and low-rise homes.
  • Apartment buildings 4 to 5 stories high will primarily line the main streets.
  • There will be apartment buildings 2 to 3 stories high within the residential blocks in the central area and on the southern slope next to the park.
  • The apartment buildings will form closed city blocks with sheltered courtyards, and their parking spaces will be mostly located underground, under the buildings and courtyard decks.

Kuninkaantammi and Honkasuo – Climate clever housing (PDF)

Townhouses and single-family homes

  • Low-rise homes of the townhouse type will be built on the west and north sides of the pond to be abandoned by the Pitkäkoski waterworks.
  • The current residential population in the low-rise housing along Kuninkaantammentie will remain, and moderate additional construction will be allowed in this old area in the future.
  • New plots for single-family homes will be laid out to the west of the waterworks.

Kuninkaantammi will be a pilot project for storm water management, incorporating conspicuous new technical designs in the residential blocks. Visible rain gardens will be favoured in garden design.

Sports and leisure

Kuninkaantammi will be surrounded by recreation and green areas. The district is bordered on the east and south-east by the Central Park, about 1,000 hectares in size, and on the north-west and north by Vantaanjoki river and the recreation areas along it. There is plenty of forest in its natural state in and around the district.

The settling pond of the Pitkäkoski waterworks will be reconditioned for recreational use and renamed Palettilampi.  It will have a beach that will serve local residents of all ages as well as recreational visitors to the Central Park.