• Most of the Kuninkaantammi area rests on a rocky ridge with good soil for construction.
  • Pre-construction began in 2013.
  • Removal of current functions and civil engineering work began in 2014.
  • A public transport tunnel from Paloheinä to Kuninkaantammi was excavated to accommodate the regional trunk bus route 560 (also known as ‘Jokeri 2’). The rock excavated was used for landfill and street construction at Kuninkaantammi. The tunnel and street construction were completed in July 2015. The new bus route 560, Vuosaari–Malmi–Kuninkaantammi–Myyrmäki, started operations in autumn 2015.
  • The largest park in the new district, Helene Schjerfbeckin puisto, and its storm water management system will be built in stages between 2014 and 2018.
  • The main street, Kuninkaantammenkierto, will be built in stages between 2014 and 2017. Construction work of streets, parks and civil engineering will be going on continuously until early years fo 2020's-
  • Housing construction begun in 2015 and first inhabitants will move in until end of 2016.


Good connections by bus and car and for cyclists and pedestrians will be built from all directions to Kuninkaantammi. The main streets will have safe pavements, and guest parking spaces will be provided. Bicycle lanes will line the streets, and pedestrian streets and residential streets may also be used for games. The green areas between residential blocks will include pathways leading through the blocks to the surrounding recreation areas.

In the centre of the Kuninkaantammi district, the pedestrian is king. Parking spaces for the central residential blocks will mainly be located underground and under courtyard decks. This will enable the district to be built to favour pedestrians and cyclists. Parking spaces for the low-rise housing will mainly be located above ground on the plots and in the immediate vicinity of the homes.
A new grade-separated intersection will be built on the Hämeenlinnanväylä motorway.