The main appeal of Myllypuro’s business premises is their proximity to Vuosaari’s docks and the excellent transport connections on offer: the metro, Kehä I ring road and good bus connections.

The second trump card is the high concentration of sports services. Sports facilities can easily be made use of before or after work, or even in the middle of the working day.

Town planning allows for the building of 5,000 places of work or study in the new centre of Myllypuro. Business premises will be partly built above the metro, and some businesses will even have a direct lift connection to the metro station. The underground parking lots will have an abundance of parking spaces. There will be about 150,000 square metres of total floor space on offer. In the area, offices, small-scale industries and facilities for teaching and health care, for instance, can be built.

Brand-new Campus

Metropolia's brand-new campus in Myllypuro, Helsinki, will be built partly on top of the metro for 6000 students and 500 employees. It will be the largest of Metropolia's four campuses. Myllypuro Campus will create an open network and environment for learning and innovation boosting area's vitality.

Housing and services

Additionally, the revamped area will offer the employees of companies good quality housing. Options vary from urban apartments on the upper floors of the service centre to apartment buildings and smaller dwellings in safe housing milieus suitable for families with children.

The service infrastructure of the area is already functional and is being developed on a continuous basis. In place of the old shopping centre, there is a new service centre, with nearly 5,000 visitors daily.

Myllypuro has several grocery stores and others shops located in the centre. Motorists benefit from the two service stations in the area. There is a restaurant as well as rentable meeting facilities in the Arena Center.