This is Myllypuro

The centre of Myllypuro has given a new look. Myllypuro is a lively suburban area of over 11,000 residents located by the metro line and the Kehä I ring road. This 40-year-old district will grow and develop significantly in the next few years.

The area around the shopping centre has given a complete makeover. A modern service, housing and workplace centre is located on top of the metro station and the metro line, and it also replace the old shopping centre. Some of the spirit of the 1960s will be kept in the form of spacious construction and parks where the area’s original flora and fauna will flourish.


Myllypuro’s old residential area with its apartment buildings and detached houses has been renewed, while its parks have been put in order. The area will have a modern centre that offers places of work and study to thousands of people. In addition, new, cozy residential areas will be built in Myllypuro.

The town plan allows for the construction of places of work and study for 5,000 people, and the top floors of the new shopping centre contains apartments, too. A new campus of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is under construction partly on top of the metro for 6000 students and 500 employees. 

Among other things, an urban village of wooden buildings is constructed in Myllypuro. Nearly finished area is made almost entirely of wood. Wooden Myllypuro area will be built using modern construction technology and will offer homes to some 2,000 people by 2017.

Streets and Parks

Myllypuro’s sports park has been the object of long-term development with the aim of making it into a high quality park for a variety of sports.

Outdoor exercise tracks continue far to both the east and west of Myllypuro. The area’s artificial hill is now a recreational and meeting area for the residents.

The parks in Myllypuro’s 1960s apartment block area have been restored. The spaciousness allowed for by the town plan has permitted the building of big yards, parks and car-free areas. The apartment block area will be linked to the revamped centre by a central pedestrian walkway.

The urban village built of wood will have a lively and cosy street milieu, as the houses will open up on to so-called living streets or home zones. Especially in the summer, such living streets will serve as shared living rooms for the residents.

The area to the east of the Kehä I ring road will be constructed in a specially designed way that will combat noise pollution: instead of building separate noise barriers, the houses will be situated in such a way that quells the sounds of traffic.


Transport connections to Myllypuro are excellent. In terms of public transport, the underground is easy and quick and there are also bus connections in several directions.

Myllypuro has excellent links to Vuosaari harbour, the airport and the centre of Helsinki, for instance. People can reach their places of work quickly by metro, regardless of traffic congestion. The regional bus connection stops at Myllypuro.

Numerous parking spaces can be found near the new service centre and health centre. In addition, a parking lot with several dozen parking spaces is built under the service centre for park and ride purposes.

A new light rail service is planned from Itäkeskus in Helsinki to Keilaniemi in Espoo. According to the plan, the new tram track will be ready in early 2020s. 


Construction of the service and business centre began.
The initial Myllyväenkatu project was completed in the urban village built of wood.

Construction of the municipal infrastructure in the eastern part of the centre will begin and the first homes will start to be built.
The Real Estate Department of the City of Helsinki will start renting out plots of land for the building of detached houses.

Construction of the service and business centre will be completed.
Construction of the health centre will be completed.

The building of houses in the Alakiventie area will begin.

c. 2014
Construction and refurbishment of the recreation park’s pitches and courts will be completed.
Renovation of metro station begins.
Daycare Centre Lallukankuja will be completed.

c. 2015
Construction of the Alakiventie area will be completed.

c. 2016
Renovation work on the metro station will be completed.
Building of the Metropolia Campus starts.

c. 2017
The urban village built of wood will be completed.