Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 09:22

Children of Laajasalo to have a new day care centre

The southeastern early-education district of Helsinki will have more space for the needs of day care and early education. A new day care centre to replace Day Care Centre Yliskylä being built at Köökarinpolku 1 will provide day care to 232 children a bit more than a year from now.

With this new construction project, the City of Helsinki prepares for the increasing needs for day care in Laajasalo and the nearby district of Kruunuvuorenranta, which is now under construction. The goal is to secure sufficient and timely early education services for the families of the growing area. The services can be easily reached by public transport.

Flexible spaces for diverse uses

Day Care Centre Yliskylä now offers day care for more than one hundred 1–6 -year-olds. The new day care centre is located at the same site adjacent to the current centre. The current building will remain in service until the new building is completed in the spring of 2018, after which the old building will be demolished.

The new building complies closely with zero-energy goals: the design maximizes the utilization of free energy from renewable sources, relying on solar and geothermal energy. The spaces will be multimodal learning environments catering for diverse uses.

Construction went underway in mid-April, and excavation and blasting will continue through mid-May. The construction site is separated from the neighbouring areas with high fences throughout construction. The pedestrian and cycling path on Köökarinpolku passing through the back of the site is closed during blasting.

The site of the new day care centre on the map

Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - 07:59

Metropolia campus to reshape Myllypuro

The Myllypuro campus of Metropolia, Finland’s largest university of applied sciences, is under construction to be completed in 2018–2019.

The foundation stone of the Myllypuro campus of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences was laid in the autumn of 2016. Currently the foundations of a cover for the metro deck are under construction – part of the campus is built on metro train tracks. The work is largely carried out at nighttime in order not to disrupt metro service.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - 07:57

Smart energy system to secure uninterruptible power supply in Kalasatama

The energy system of Helsinki’s Kalasatama, the first model area for smart energy systems in Finland, will be complemented with ABB’s latest digital technology and unique ring network solution. Both solutions are the first of their kind on the scale of Finland. They will ensure that power supply in the developing Kalasatama district will be as uninterruptible as possible. By 2040, Kalasatama will be home to more than 25,000 residents and provide more than 10,000 jobs.

Monday, June 26, 2017 - 08:25

New plan proposal for Östersundom moves to decision-making

A new plan proposal has been prepared for Östersundom. The proposal integrates growth with nature, focusing on both nature conservation and planning economy.

The plan proposal has changed a great deal from the proposal that was on display in the spring of 2015. Several alternatives for the course of the metro line and for land use have been considered, and the new plan proposes a straight course for the metro line.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - 10:31

Construction of main Jätkäsaari park to begin

The construction of the main park to be built in the new Jätkäsaari district will begin during the summer. The first part of Hyväntoivonpuisto – “park of good will” – to be constructed is the section between the streets of Juutinraumankatu and Rionkatu. In addition, landfill and earthmoving work will be conducted in the southern part of the park area.