Östersundom as an international development ground

Östersundom will be an attractive operating environment for service providers and many types of pioneering businesses including cleantech companies.

Entrepreneurs can join the development of the area at an early stage. Many development projects are underway. Helsinki is already an internationally well-known environment for the development of new products and services.

Östersundom is optimally located in terms of connections to the rest of the world. The Helsinki Airport is near, and so is the Port of Helsinki’s Vuosaari Harbour with excellent connections to the rest of Europe. Route E18 will run side by side Östersundom, connecting the Nordic capitals Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm via Helsinki to St. Petersburg and as far as Moscow.

Östersundom is envisioned as an international development ground for solutions to help mitigate climate change. Important components of the projected role of Östersundom include new urban solutions, energy and materials efficiency, renewable energy and the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology. The Finnish partners in Östersundom include cleantech companies with expertise in the built environment, energy technology and information and communication technology. Östersundom will also need international partners and foreign direct investment from elsewhere in Europe, Russia and the Far East.

The City of Helsinki buys land in Östersundom

Land acquisitions enable efficient city planning, which increases land value, and this will secure the development of public infrastructure and services. The City’s main principle is to purchase undeveloped land and produce plans for this land, after which the City sells or leases the land to private property developers.

Interested in Östersundom as the location for your enterprise? 


Urban Development
City Executive Office
Project Manager:
Mr. Ari Karjalainen
ari.karjalainen (at) hel.fi

Smart & Clean Östersundom

Östersundom has its own Smart & Clean vision made by City of Helsinki and Sitra. Smart & Clean vision outlines the urban development and implementation through circular economy and smart administration as horizontal themes. Smart administration enables businesses to develop innovative investments in order to create competitive edges for international cleantech markets. Smart and clean solutions are co-created with the public and the private sector as well as academic institutions and residents in the areas of renewable energy, waste-free processes, water supply, mobility, construction and stress-free living.