This is Östersundom

Östersundom is located approximately 20 kilometres east of the Helsinki city centre. It is the newest section of Helsinki and differs from the rest of the city in terms of its landscape and character. Östersundom will go through many changes when development begins and moves on.

Development will be adjusted to the area’s diverse natural conditions. Today Östersundom is mostly a rural area with single-family homes. Östersundom will have five districts, which will be planned differently so each district will have its own individual character.

Östersundom’s strengths include the sea and exceptionally fine, diverse nature. In terms of logistics, the area is optimally located near the Vuosaari Harbour and Route E18 to St. Petersburg, which is nearing completion.

Östersundom in planned as a garden city, in which housing and other built environment, services and transport rely on renewable energy including solar power and other ecological solutions. The area will have high concentrations of townhouses, which are still rare in Finland, but many successful examples of townhouse living can be found in Central Europe.

Once completed by the 2050’s, Östersundom will be home to 80,000 - 100,000 residents and hundreds of businesses, offering jobs for thousands. Östersundom has been a part of Helsinki since 2008, so its residents enjoy the services of the Finnish capital: efficient public transport, daycare, schools and public health care.

Planning and development

Östersundom will make extensive use of renewable energy including solar power and solar thermal energy. City planning is conducted to meet high ecological standards, and green thinking is reflected in the detailed plans.

Buildings in Östersundom will meet zero-energy standards. A site is reserved for a power plant that could be a hybrid plant. Other ideas include a housing area powered with solar collectors and solar panels installed into construction elements.

A project to measure the levels of solar radiation in Östersundom has ended. Purpose was to find out the potential for solar energy in the area. 

The City of Helsinki buys land mostly from private land owners in Östersundom. The City has already closed tens of deals, having acquired more than 200 hectares of land from private land owners. The land acquisitions promote the growth and development of the city. The new land facilitates planning and helps to finance the realization of detailed plans. Helsinki owns about 65 percent of the land area inside the city borders.

More about the planning of Östersundom on (in Finnish and Swedish only)


Today Östersundom is mostly served by buses operated by Helsinki Region Transport.

According to current plans, the metro will be extended to the area from the Mellunmäki station. The eastern extension of the metro to Östersundom would have six stations.

The future Route E18 will run side by side Östersundom, connecting the Nordic capitals Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm via Helsinki to St. Petersburg and Moscow.