Helsinki business and media hub

Pasila is located in the main intersection of public transportation in the Helsinki metropolitan area and, in fact, the whole of Finland.

Located merely five minutes north from the city centre, the abundance of new traffic plans and construction activity is ensuring that Pasila’s central role in Helsinki is becoming more prominent. At present, the hub of the digital media, Finland’s largest exhibition centre and the biggest sports and event arena can be found in Pasila.

Renewal of Pasila: Pasila becomes the second centre of Helsinki

Pasila will become the second centre of Helsinki. The role of Pasila as a key area of commercial construction, a business hub and a media, events and congress neighbourhood is becoming stronger. The upcoming traffic solutions increase the significance of Pasila as a functional and versatile centre and place of residence for the entire country.

Tripla launches the renewal

The new Pasila centre called Tripla is a three-block complex, which will comprise, among other things, a shopping centre, housing units, a hotel, head office level offices and a public transport terminal. A new kind of a multipurpose arena will form the heart of the centre.

Helsinki High-rise International Design-Build Competition

Pasila area by 2040:

  • 1,000,000m2 of new office space
  • 500,000m2 of housing
  • 50,000 jobs
  • 30,000 inhabitants

Contact information

Urban Development
City Excecutive Office
Project Manager
Mrs. Niina Puumalainen
niina.puumalainen (at)

Town Planning
City Planning Department
Head of Project
Mr. Dan Mollgren
dan.mollgren (at)

Land Allocation and Plot Issues
Real Estate Department
Head of Department
Mr. Jaakko Stauffer
jaakko.stauffer (at)