Commercial services

The ongoing construction of the Pasila area will further emphasise Pasila’s role as a business hub, resulting in an increase in the variety of services on offer. Most of the new private services will be concentrated in the central blocks of Central Pasila.

The new Pasila centre Tripla around the existing Pasila railway station will unite East and West Pasila into one entity, with construction commencing immediately to include the majority of service and cultural facilities in the area.

Tripla is a three-block complex, which will comprise, among other things, a shopping centre, housing units, a hotel, head office level offices and a public transport terminal. A new kind of a multipurpose arena will form the heart of the centre. 

The construction plans cover more than 100,000m2, of which at least 15% will be reserved for housing, and the rest for office and commercial spaces.Tripla will be constructed and finished in about 10 years. The aim is to open the shopping centre in 2020. 

Both the State of Finland and the City of Helsinki are landowners in Central Pasila, and are cooperating to develop the district. The State is represented by Senate Properties, which is an enterprise under the Ministry of Finance.

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Senate Properties

Business premises and lots

Pasila is a key area of new office construction in Helsinki. At present, the Pasila area provides a large number of jobs at Finnish companies, international corporations, the media and State and City agencies.

In future, more than 1,000,000m2 of new office and business premises will be built in the seven sections of Pasila, with the area expanding to offer work for more than 50,000 people.

The construction of Central Pasila begins at the high-rise building area and will continue to the central blocks next to the heart of Pasila – the railway station. The central block will be characterised by high quality aesthetics and functionality.

Along with new office and business premises, apartments, a metro service, underground parking garages and possibly even a church will be constructed in the area. 

A spacious office area with basement floor shops and business premises will be built to the north of Pasila Bridge, with residential blocks in the west situated next to the office area.

Pasila high-rise area

Ten impressive mixed-use high-rise buildings are planned for Central Pasila, with space for pedestrian streets and recreational areas on offer in the area. The tallest building planned boasts 40 stories, with the lowest comprising some 20 stories. The first floors will be reserved for shops and businesses, the next few floors will be utilised as office space, and the top floors will offer elegant penthouses with breathtaking views.

Approximately 100,000m2 and 3,000-4,000 jobs are planned for the high-rises buildings, providing working space for some 10,000-15,000 people upon their completion. The high-rise area is also very eco-efficient due to its central location and compact building.

The high-rise area will offer lodgings for up to 1,200 residents. Terraces will be constructed on the top floors, providing superb views over the city. In addition, there are plans for building greenhouses within the buildings, which will offer a public space for all residents to enjoy.

The mixed-use buildings will exemplify modern architecture.

Helsinki High-rise International Design-Build Competition

Pasila area

Media district Ilmala

Known as the TV Quarter, Ilmala houses the studios of the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE and MTV (the most popular commercial TV station), as well as numerous smaller companies in the industry. New construction will double the number of office premises in Ilmala, offering more than 11,000 jobs. Construction commenced in 2007.

New and old together at Konepaja area

The Konepaja area consists of charming old machine shops and smaller brick buildings of the State Railways. With construction continuing until 2020, thousands of jobs will be created in the precinct, with the area offering a wide variety of office premises.

Good living in Northern Pasila

Northern Pasila offers great possibilities for living and working, with a number of new business and office premises planned for the southern part of the town plan area. Offering some 2,000 jobs at present, the number is set to increase to approximately 7,000 upon completion. With construction commencing within a few years, new residential areas will also be built to the north of the office area.