Whilst already proving to be an ecologically sustainable choice for both individuals and companies, Pasila strives to become even more so in the near future, with the densification of the area seeing the construction of high-rise buildings for the first time in Finland. Furthermore, the area will enjoy very effective public transport facilities, with the City planning to improve upon current services.

The new Pasila will be an environmentally friendly, densely built area relying on public transport. Pasila Centre Tripla will be developed according to strict ecological criteria, with more than 3,300 bicycle parking spaces and more than 300 electric car charging stations.

Central and Northern Pasila will have a large number of green roofs. The high-rise section will also be developed to meet high ecological standards. The new residential and non-residential buildings in Ilmala and Konepaja will be constructed using energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. Development in Central Pasila and the Vallila machine shop area emphasizes solutions that protect the groundwater. The public service infrastructure and green areas are planned with due regard to storm and drainage waters.