Plans have been drawn up for the creation of business premises covering about 660,00 square metres of total floor space in Viikki and Kivikko.

The Latokartano workplace area is situated by the Lahdenväylä motorway and the Kehä I ring road. The plots of land, the total floor space of which will be 40,000 m2, are owned by the City of Helsinki and the Parish Union. The location will be excellent in terms of traffic connections once the new interchange to the Kehä I ring road is completed.

There are still plots of land allocated for businesses available in the science park. These plots of land are, for the most part, owned by the Finnish state. The City of Helsinki owns the Business Park area, which city planners have already decided will be located by the Pihlajistonkuja lane.

Plots of land have been set aside for office buildings by the Lahdenväylä motorway in the western part of Viikinmäki. Also located in the area is the Viikinmäki water purification plant, which serves Helsinki and the surrounding municipalities. The workings of the plant take place inside a section of hollowed-out bedrock.

Building of workplace areas in Kivikko will be concentrated by the Lahdenväylä motorway, where a new area of 2,000 places of work will emerge. 

Viikki science park

Four faculties of the University of Helsinki are located on the Viikki Campus: the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the Faculty of Pharmacy, and the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. Also, the information centre Korona with its administrative and library facilities as well as Gardenia-Helsinki are situated in the area.

Also based in the science park are the Finnish Food Safety Authority (EVIRA) and Helsinki Business and Science Park Ltd, the latter being a development company jointly owned by the City of Helsinki, the University of Helsinki, the Finnish state and Finnish businesses. The company offers services and business premises as part of its business incubator programme and helps businesses commercialise the innovations of the biosciences.

The science park is strengthening its economic knowhow. A part of Agrifood Research Finland (MTT)’s genomics research is already based in Viikki, and also almost a hundred market research experts.

Viikki Synergy Building

In 2017-2019, the City of Helsinki Environment Centre and the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) will also move to Viikki.