Viikki is a leading area of ecological building in Finland. Many of the ecological building projects in the area have also been recognised internationally.

Situated in the southern part of Latokartano, Eco-Viikki is the first ecologically designed neighbourhood in Finland.

The idea behind the neighbourhood’s design has been a sustainable, healthy and amendable living environment, where practical solutions save energy and reduce the amount of waste generated. Construction of the 23-hectare residential area Eco-Viikki lasted from 1999 to 2004.

For the express purpose of building Eco-Viikki, ecological building criteria were created. All projects must include ecological experimental building. Several environmentally friendly energy and environment solutions have been put into practice in the area.

The active and passive utilisation of solar energy has been one of the main themes of ecological experimental building in Viikki. Nine properties with 412 homes are part of the area’s solar energy heating system. The first, and only, apartment building to utilise solar electricity in Finland is also located in Eco-Viikki.

Controlling urban runoff

The environmentally friendly management of urban runoff is one of the main objectives of Eco-Viikki. According to city planning regulations, different means must be used in the area to slow down the flow of rainwater, snowmelt, water running down roofs and water running into underground drains. This water should be absorbed by the ground soil. Water from yards and roofs is directed to the middle of the blocks, where green fingers are drawn in the city plan.

Green fingers end at the park, and then in Viikinoja ditch, which acts as a collector of urban runoff. This former main ditch has been moved to the edge of the park and rebuilt as a natural creek. With the help of the creek`s rich vegetation and ponds, the flow of the water is evened out and purified before it flows to the Vanhankaupunginlahti nature reserve.

Read more about Eco-Viikki

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