Business premises

Companies of all sizes are welcome to Helsinki. The different enterprises currently operating in the city are mainly small and medium-sized, with the service sector providing 85 percent of jobs. When planning new precincts, the city takes into consideration the needs that companies have relating to premises.

Whether a company employs one person, or thousands of people, there are suitable business premises available in Helsinki: everything from small basement shops to office towers. Considerable storage and production facilities are also available. Additionally, Helsinki continuously develops its infrastructure with the construction of housing, parks, roads, public transport and parking spaces.

Helsinki takes into account the wishes and needs of companies in the planning of such new developments. The city and entrepreneurial organisations collaborate in projects where companies get a say, such as in both the number and location of new business premises.

In addition to realtors, the City of Helsinki may be also be able to assist in the search for business facilities. Its Premises Centre also leases out premises to privately owned businesses, with its lease representatives helping to find premises suitable for each individual customer’s needs.

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