Eco-efficient land use and construction

Helsinki is aiming for eco-efficiency in the field of urban planning and land use by making the urban structure denser, and also by developing a smooth and flexible public transport system. Eco-efficient solutions are also favoured with construction.

The city’s urban structure is currently subject to densification, especially in the vicinity of existing and future train stations; seeking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental problems caused by traffic.

In the last few years, ecological construction methods have been developed notably in the Helsinki suburb of Viikki. At present, the area of Jätkäsaari is home to a project seeking innovative solutions for low carbon, or even carbon neutral urban design and construction. In Honkasuo the construction of an ecologically sustainable urban environment means, for example, natural methods of delay in the management of storm water and utilising excess landmass generated from the construction in the construction areas.