Helsinki city centre

Helsinki city centre – Events, commerce, culture and business

The Helsinki city centre is the heart of commercial services in Finland. It is the largest uniform office area in the country and a nationally important hub for business and commerce. Further development and planning strengthens the competitiveness of the entire central area of the city.

The ideal combination of business, commerce and culture with good domestic and international connections is a valuable asset. The diverse activities support each other and customer flows, the retail services are essential to the inner city residents as well as to commuters. The city centre with its pedestrian areas, squares and parks invites visitors to various urban events throughout the year.

Contact information

Urban Development
City Executive Office
Mrs. Sirpa Kallio, Project Director
sirpa.kallio (at)

Land Allocation and Plot Issues
Urban Environment Division
Mr. Pasi Lehtiö, Team Manager
pasi.lehtio (at)

Town Planning
Urban Environment Division
Mr. Janne Prokkola, Unit Manager
janne.prokkola (at)