Honkasuo – at the cutting edge of wood and single-family house construction in Helsinki

The Honkasuo forest and meadow area, located in north-western Helsinki, will be turned into a city village with wooden houses for 1,600 inhabitants. The residential area is built around a park and composed of energy-efficient detached houses, connected single-family houses and low-rise buildings. The construction of the streets and the municipal engineering in Honkasuo is currently underway. The housing construction starts in 2015.

Served by a good public transport network, Honkasuo will be characterised by ecologically sustainable solutions and wood construction. The detailed plan includes provisions for low-energy construction and the use of renewable energy. The land of the new residential area is owned by the City of Helsinki.

Honkasuo in a nutshell:

  • Land area: 33 hectares (ha)
  • Construction period: 2013−2020
  • Number of residents: 1,600
  • Total floor area: 65,000 m²
  • Residential buildings: 63,500 m²
  • Public neighbourhood services 1,500 m²

Contact information

Urban Development
City Executive Office
Project Director
Mr. Kimmo Kuisma
kimmo.kuisma (at) hel.fi

Town Planning
City Environment Sector, Land use and city structure
Head of Project
Mrs. Suvi Tyynilä
suvi.tyynila (at) hel.fi

Land Allocation and Plot Issues
City Environment Sector, Land use and city structure
Mr. Sami Haapanen
sami.haapanen (at) hel.fi