Kruunuvuorenranta - City life and wilderness

A totally new neighbourhood, Kruunuvuorenranta, is under development in a magnificent maritime location overlooking the Helsinki city centre across a bay.

Kruunuvuorenranta will be marked by splendid views to the sea, six kilometres of shoreline, parks of old manor houses and nature at its best. An oil terminal located in Kruunuvuorenranta has closed down, and re-development is underway. The district, with housing for 13,000 residents, will be completed by 2030.

Kruunuvuorenranta in a nutshell

  • Land area: 143 hectares (ha)
  • Water area: 117 ha
  • Construction period: 2013 – 2030
  • Number of residents 13,000
  • 6,000 housing units
  • Total floor area
  • Residential buildings 580,000 m2
  • Business and services 55,000 m2

Contact information

Urban Development
Project Director
Mrs. Pirjo Siren
pirjo.siren (at)

Town Planning
Team Manager
Ms. Anu Kuutti
anu.kuutti (at)

Land Allocation and Plot Issues
Ms. Katarina Nordberg
katarina.nordberg (at)