Urban and sustainable living by Central Park

Tucked into the north-western corner of Helsinki and skirting Vantaanjoki river and the Central Park, Kuninkaantammi is a new district that will be built to a dense, urban design and consistent with the ecological, experiential and community requirements of modern housing.

Kuninkaantammi will replace what has been an area of industry and business with a pleasant residential development for 5,000 inhabitants. Low-rise homes around a cluster of apartment buildings will form a unique and ecologically sustainable urban environment.

The oldest known settlement in the Helsinki area was discovered in Kaarlela in the area where Kuninkaantammi will be built:  there were already people living here in the Stone Age.

Kuninkaantammi translates as ‘King’s Oak’, having been named after a handsome oak tree that was reportedly planted by King Gustav III of Sweden in the late 18th century. The tree itself stands in a park bearing its name at the northern perimeter of the development area, near Vantaanjoki river.

Kuninkaantammi will be a pilot project for storm water management in Helsinki, incorporating conspicuous new technical designs on streets, in parks and on housing plots.

Kuninkaantammi in a nutshell:

•    Land area: 112.5 hectares (ha)
•    Construction period: 2013–2030
•    Number of residents 5,500
•    2,700 housing units
•    Residential buildings 215,000 sq.m
•    Business and services 125,000 sq.m

Contact information

Urban Development
City Executive Office
Project Manager
Mr. Kimmo Kuisma
kimmo.kuisma (at) hel.fi

Town Planning
City Planning Department
Head of Project
Mrs. Suvi Tyynilä
suvi.tyynila (at) hel.fi

Land Allocation and Plot Issues
Real Estate Department
Head of Bureau
Mr. Sami Haapanen
sami.haapanen (at) hel.fi