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Living in Helsinki

Helsinki is renowned for offering an exceptionally high quality of life, with an outstanding modern transport system, great infrastructure, and a high degree of social trust. Everything simply works.

Today, Helsinki has over 600,000 inhabitants, with the number estimated to grow by 10% by the year 2030. The growth rate in the entire Helsinki metropolitan area is likely to be even faster, with forecasts predicting some 1,561,000 residents by 2030. The construction of a large number of new apartments is needed to meet the demand of the rapidly growing population. The aim is to build 6,000 homes annually, and to enhance the already efficient public transportation system.

Finland enjoys high quality construction, with the four distinct seasons each year strongly influencing the practicalities of the high demands of building. Especially in the last few years, energy-efficiency and environmental issues have been considered in all construction activity, and efforts are made to minimise the environmental stress caused by building and living. The average size of homes in Helsinki is 64m2, or 34 m2 per capita.

Helsinki among world’s best cities for living

As a rapidly expanding European city, the Helsinki metropolitan area is witnessing the development of a number of new precincts and diverse residential areas to accommodate the growing population. The City of Helsinki places a lot of emphasis on providing leisure activities for residents in order for them to enjoy life in these new residential areas.

The various choices for free-time activities make Helsinki a great city to live in, offering numerous events, cultural arenas and venues to practice both indoor and outdoor sports. With a great number of international schools and nurseries giving peace of mind to families with children, education in English is also provided in almost all secondary schools.

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