A strong national identity characterises Finnish art and culture, with Finns actively participating in cultural events, as well as producing works of considerable artistic merit themselves. This particular enthusiasm ensures a rich supply of cultural events on offer in the capital area throughout the year.

Helsinki offers a great number of different events and activities for people interested in sports, music, art, entertainment and science.

A wide variety of cultural events are organised all over the Helsinki metropolitan area, providing high-quality performances from both local and international artists. Furthermore, the city frequently plays host to all kinds of music, having also accumulated an international reputation for producing world class acts of its own. The Helsinki Music Centre is a concert venue and meeting point. 

Theatre is also very popular; The Finnish National Opera, The Finnish National Theatre and The Swedish Theatre in Helsinki as well as numerous smaller, independent theatres offer great theatre to residents. The onset of summer also brings with it a variety of high quality theatre, dance and music performed in many festivals held around the city.

Free public libraries serve all residents

As Finns enjoy a passion for reading, Helsinki has a comprehensive network of public libraries. All services are provided free of charge to residents across the many municipal, academic and special libraries, as well as school libraries. The New Helsinki Central Library is planned to be completed in 2018.