The City of Helsinki offers plenty of choices for sports activities, with large parks, beaches and forests on offer free for anyone to enjoy. Taking care of the city’s numerous sports venues, the City of Helsinki Sports Department also provides information on different hobbies and options for boating, fishing and camping. Also new city precincts will offer sports facilities for every taste. 

In Helsinki, there is some 800 active sports clubs on offer covering more than 100 different kinds of sports. Furthermore, a total of 1,200 km of outdoor routes for sports exist in Helsinki, with the most popular forms of exercise are biking, walking and swimming. Maritime activities also prove popular for residents, with boaters enjoying the availability of some 12,000 individual dock spaces for their vessels.

Let’s exercise together

The City offers a lot of different sports activities for children and adults in public spaces, including the annual Helsinki City Marathon each summer, gathering together thousands of runners from near and far. Various kinds of tournaments and events in diverse sports activities are also offered for children.

In addition, a large number of private companies offer a variety of different exercise opportunities to residents.

Sports in Helsinki