Life and Leisure

A revamped Myllypuro will offer possibilities for urban living with services close at hand as well as cosy, village-like residential areas right beside nature.

Mostly built in the 1960s, Myllypuro’s area of apartment blocks has been renovated. Also, the area of detached houses dating from the beginning of the immediate post-WWII period represents an older style of housing. In addition, a town plan for a new residential area consisting mainly of small, detached houses was drawn up for Myllypuro at the beginning of the 21st Century.

The centre of Myllypuro will offer the possibility of urban living in the immediate vicinity, as well as above, the service and business centre. The majority of the apartments are situated on the upper floors of the shopping centre block above business premises. The stairways to the flats are  directly accessible from the underground parking lots. The area will also expand eastwards, where small detached houses and terraced housing will be built.

Next to the centre, building of the new Alakiventie residential area continues. Built to the highest quality, the houses will be small apartment buildings with 2-3 floors and terraced houses.

A modern district of wooden buildings

A densely built, village-like city district of wooden buildings is under construction in southern Myllypuro. During the planning stage, the question of which elements are needed for living the good life has been considered in an unprejudiced manner. The means of city planning and architecture ultimately chosen will support this aim. Several aspects of the plans promote communality and everyday ecological deeds. One of the starting points has been that the proposed houses open up on to living streets.

The houses are a masterpiece of modern construction using wood: they are modifiable, energy efficient, ecological and meet modern housing’s high standards. Within the allowances set by town planning, the residents will have the possibility of building extensions to the houses being built now. The village is one of the country’s top wood construction projects.

The area’s impressive rocky nature will be left untouched between the groups of buildings.


Myllypuro already has a functioning network of basic services that will be renewed and improved.

New health centre is situated next to the entrance to the metro. The health centre also have dental care, home nursing and laboratory facilities.

Several grocery stores and others shops can be found from new shopping centre.

Myllypuro’s schools and its residential park are in the immediate vicinity of the area of apartment blocks. There are already several nurseries for children in the area, and more will be built.

In Myllypuro, there are facilities and services for the elderly, too. Amongst the first of these to be completed has been a building near the metro station offering elderly members of society housing and outpatient care. There’s also a church in Myllypuro.

Sports and leisure

The sports facilities in Myllypuro are perhaps the most versatile in the city. The recreational park offers possibilities for a variety of indoor and outdoor sports throughout the year for both teams and individuals.

Located near the metro station, Liikuntamylly provides a variety of services for both those who exercise for fun and those who train for the purpose of competing. Liikuntamylly has athletics facilities, an area for gymnastics, a climbing wall and different fields and pitches for ball games.

Arena Center is one of the biggest floorball halls in Scandinavia. In addition to seven floorball courts, it has a bowling alley, an equipment shop, a restaurant and other recreational services.

At the edge of the area of apartment blocks, in an air-raid shelter built within the bedrock, there is a go-carting track. Also, Itäkeskus’s swimming pool is located only a short distance away.