Monday, July 2, 2018 - 09:21

Clownery, fire theatre, dance film and resident party in summer of Kalasatama

The City of Helsinki has chosen Kalasatama residents' association's resident party, Maria Baric Company's Kalasataman valon juhla ("light party"), Red Nose Company's Kalasataman kulttuuripilkki ("cultural jig") and Susanna Leinonen Company's Kalasatama in Motion project as the environmental art projects of the summer to receive financing. The events are open to the public and free to attend.

The resident party arranged by Kalasatama residents' association is a continuation to the 2017 inauguration of the Kalasatama Park. The event is open to the public and the event programme consists of music performances, food, speeches, presentation points and activities for the children. "Everyone in Helsinki is welcome to attend the resident party", says Juhana Harju, chairperson for the Kalasatama residents' association. The event is arranged by volunteer residents, and other players in the area, such as companies, are also participating. The resident party is planned and arranged entirely by the residents of the area.

Time of the event: 1 September 2018.

Maria Baric Company's Kalasataman valon juhla is a group of event, which comprises a community fire artwork, a fire theatre performance and a workshop that is open to the visitors before the performance. Shown at the event is Ave Fenix, the group's internationally most successful fire theatre work, which is a story about the mythical firebird told by means of fire circus and fire puppet theatre. "Our aim with valon juhla is to bring happiness and community spirit to the construction sites of Kalasatama, as well as warmth and beauty that lights up the environment – by means of fire theatre. Here, the rise of the Phoenix from ashes to new flames and a new life symbolises the new start and possibilities of the Kalasatama area, when the exterior of the area shines in its new glory after the construction phase", says artistic director Maria Baric.

Maria Baric Company is an award-winning Helsinki-based professional visual theatre group.

Time of the event: autumn, announced later.

Red Nose Company's Kalasataman kulttuuripilkki is a joint event day for the residents in the area. The event comprises both performances and more relaxed programme, realised by a group of experienced artists and performers. The diverse programme is a combination of different art forms, from music to clownery. Special attention is paid to the children. The event has been planned from the beginning for the residents of Kalasatama, by utilising local resources and as a collaboration between several artists and cultural actors active in the area. "Kalasataman kulttuuripilkki celebrates a young neighbourhood of many possibilities. It offers a time and a place for human encounters and sense-opening cultural experiences. The event is suitable for persons of all ages, so it is worth visiting from both near and far", tells Kiureli Sammallahti, artistic director for kulttuuripilkki.

Time of the event: 9 September 2018.

Susanna Leinonen Company's Kalasatama in Motion project approaches Kalasatama by means of movement and film. By documenting the urban environment, the artwork offers a community-minded and participatory approach to the residential area of Kalasatama. The project includes different kinds of workshops and directed exercises for the residents. The final result is a short dance film, which is shot with the residents of Kalasatama. The première of the film created during the project will be held in Kalasatama. "We have already had several workshops, where we have collected experiences and feelings of the residents. The material has led the artistic working group near the city planning and urban culture. The process has been well received in Kalasatama", says  executive manager Salla Mistola.

Susanna Leinonen Company is a Finnish top-tier contemporary dance company with international activities.

Première of the short film: 9 September 2018.

The environmental art projects from previous years are available at the Uutta Helsinkiä website (in finnish).


The construction of Kalasatama will take 20-30 years. The events in the Kalasatama area are a part of Kalasatama's environmental art project, whose objective is to improve the comfort of the residents during the long construction phase. Both permanent and temporary art and events are realised through the project. The environmental art project is directed by Helsinki City Executive Office in co-operation with the Urban Environment Division and the Culture and Leisure Division. The environmental art is financed through a fee per floor square metre, which is collected from the developers.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 09:38

Park and ride in Kalasatama

The REDI shopping centre in Kalasatama, which opened doors on 20 September, is accompanied by new park and ride spaces for cars and bicycles at REDI and the Kalasatama Metro station. There is now parking for 300 cars and 224 bicycles.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018 - 08:57

Helsinki Central Library Oodi Nears Completion

The landmark public library will be complemented by the new Amos Anderson art museum in Helsinki’s cultural district

The downtown cityscape of the Finnish capital Helsinki is about to be crowned with a new landmark building: Helsinki Central Library Oodi will open doors on December 3, 2018.

The library building is a powerful and iconic contemporary design by ALA Architects of Helsinki. It completes Helsinki’s downtown cultural district in the Töölönlahti area, where it is flanked by many other architectural landmarks.

Monday, June 4, 2018 - 11:50

Enter the Helsinki New Horizons photo and video contest

The City of Helsinki organises a photo and video contest in the spirit of the website Helsinki New Horizons. We hope to receive pictures and videos of real situations of living in the different neighbourhoods of Helsinki.

The photo and video contest continues all summer, from 1 June 2018 to 31 August 2018.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 - 08:30

Housing and land use monitored by City Council

The Helsinki City Council discussed a new report on a programme for housing and related land use at the Council meeting of 16 May 2018. The programme was approved by the City Council in June 2016. The progress of the programme and changes in the programme’s operating environment are reported to the City Council annually.

The population of Helsinki grew by 8,091 in 2017, that is, by 1.3 percent. The volume of residential construction has grown at a record rate.