Value for resources

Östersundom is the newest section of Helsinki and differs from the rest of the city in terms of its landscape and character. It will be a pilot area to test energy-efficient solutions based on renewable energy. It will be an attractive location for cleantech enterprises.

The plans for Östersundom rely on the metro. There will be apartment buildings around metro stations, while the fringe areas are reserved for single-family housing. The areas between will mainly be developed with townhouses.

The land area of Östersundom is 45 square kilometres. Helsinki owns 29 square kilometres of the total, and the neighbouring cities Vantaa and Sipoo own the rest. The cities are in the process of preparing a joint city plan for Östersundom. Helsinki’s share of Östersundom forms the easternmost part of the city, which was annexed to Helsinki in 2008.

Östersundom in a nutshell:

  • Land area: 45 sq. km
  • Distance to Helsinki city centre: 18 km
  • Development scheduled for completion in the 2040’s
  • Residents: 50,000 when development is completed (today 2,000)
  • Jobs: 15,000–20,000 when development is completed
  • Shoreline: 25 km, 12 km of it in a Natura nature reserve


Contact information

Urban Development
City Executive Office
Project Manager:
Mr. Ari Karjalainen
ari.karjalainen (at) hel.fi

Town Planning
City Planning Department
Head of Project:
Mr. Ilkka Laine
ilkka.laine (at) hel.fi

Land Allocation and Plot Issues
Real Estate Department
Head of Project:
Mr. Tom Qvisen
tom.qvisen (at) hel.fi