Östersundom will transform from a rural area into a garden city when it is developed for 80,000 - 100,000 residents. As other areas of Helsinki, Östersundom will have diverse types of housing including State-subsidized rental and right-of-occupancy housing in addition to free-market rental and owner-occupied housing.

The metro stations will be surrounded by apartment buildings, but the main forms of housing will be townhouses and single-family homes. The townhouse is a common type of housing in Central Europe, but it is still rare in Finland, where people mainly live either in apartment buildings or in single-family homes in sparsely built areas.

Townhouses are attached to each other. Each house has its own front door and backyard. The townhouses in Östersundom can be built from stone or wood, they can be colourful or modest in colouring, and the colour schemes may vary. The houses will densely line residential streets, which will give a special character to the areas. They will have two or three floors. Residents may wish to keep one floor as a unified open space and make alterations later as their life situations change.


Östersundom already has some public services, including a school relying on renewable energy and daycare centres.

Public health care services can be found in Myllypuro about half an hour away. Apart from one grocery store, commercial services are located in the neighbouring districts of Vuosaari and Itäkeskus.

A central location in Östersundom is occupied by a church. It is the oldest shrine in Helsinki, dating back to the 17th century.

Once fully developed, Östersundom will have all essential public and private services.

Sports and recreation

Östersundom offers residents a wide variety of sports and recreational opportunities.

The Sipoonkorpi National Park in Östersundom is an important outdoor area for all Helsinki. Östersundom serves horseback riders with many stables and large numbers of horses. The sports facilities of Eastern Helsinki are easy to reach from Östersundom. There is also a marina with services.

The landscape of Östersundom is marked by a long history of local culture. The area is distinguished by agricultural fields, an archipelago-type maritime environment, the closeness of the sea and impressive rock formations. The planning and development of Östersundom will be conducted with careful attention to the diverse nature, retaining the current recreational areas.