Helsinki - The capital of Finland

As one of the 28 member states of the European Union, Finland uses the EU’s common currency, the euro. The official languages of the country are Finnish and Swedish.

The benefits of the welfare state are manifest in Finland, with the public sector providing high-quality services for either an affordable price, or free of charge. The relatively small population of 5,495,000 inhabitants means that there is room for nature and that the environment is free from pollution. Finland is widely considered to be a safe place to live.

Helsinki’s proximity to Russia (380 km to St. Petersburg) and the lowest tax rate in the Nordic countries ensure great conditions for companies to do business. International visitors and their families find everyday life in Helsinki most enjoyable and satisfying. Finnish people possess excellent foreign language skills, and most services can be provided in English. Furthermore, rental prices in Helsinki are lower than in the other Nordic capitals.

The Helsinki public transport system has been elected second best among European cities, with a number of proposed metro, tram, bus and train lines complementing the existing, highly effective public transport system. New areas will be easily accessible by public transport, enabling all of the metropolitan area to be within reach. Read more about Helsinki´s international achievements

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