Sustainable housing policy

The City of Helsinki is its own largest landowner, with the majority of new housing built on City property. The City itself both sells and rents land for housing construction. The goal is to build 6 000 new homes every year.

The conditions imposed on the allocation of land for construction ensure that the City’s goals regarding forms of ownership and financing in housing are attained. The City aims to ensure a diversity and range of reasonably priced dwellings in housing production.

Housing policy in Helsinki is governed by the housing and housing related land use implementation programme, which is revised during each City Council period, at an interval of four years. The programme determines the housing vision, the housing and land policy goals, and the measures to be taken during the programme period. The current programme Home Town Helsinki was accepted by the City Council in 2016.

The goal is to build 6 000 new homes every year. The objectives of the housing programme underline a well-balanced urban development and diverse housing alternatives in different life situations. Moreover, the objectives emphasize the role of infill development as well as energy-efficient building in the growing city.

Annual housing production targets for tenure status and form of financing:

  • ARA rental housing (including student and youth housing) 25 %
  • Intermediate housing (e.g. Hitas and right-of-occupancy housing) 30 %
  • Non-regulated owner occupied and rental housing 45 %

Brochure: Home town Helsinki  (pdf)