The heart of new Helsinki is Pasila. The whole district is under world class urban development. Pasila with its two railway stations, with commuter, long distance and international train routes and dozens of tram and bus lines is the key public transportation intersection in the Helsinki metropolitan area and, in fact, the whole of Finland.

There are already over 23,000 jobs and over 10,000 inhabitants in Pasila. Located merely five minutes north from the city centre, the abundance of new traffic plans and construction activity is ensuring that Pasila’s central role in Helsinki is becoming even more prominent.

Pasila is also a business and media hub. At present, the hub of the digital media, Finland’s largest exhibition centre and the largest sports and event arena can be found in Pasila. The financial sector has taken a liking to the area as banks and insurance companies keep flocking to the neighbourhood. In 2019, it continues with the largest shopping centre in Northern Europe, Mall of Tripla, and a huge entertainment centre. Pasila is also known for state agencies.

The new high-rise towers, chosen through the international design-build competition Helsinki High-rise will give Pasila a distinctive feel.


Pasila by 2040:

  • 50,000 jobs, over 30,000 residents
  • Amount of jobs doubled and amount of residents tripled from early 2000’s
  • New building rights:  0,7 million floor square meters offices and commercial space, 1,2 million floor square meters housin

Most accessible place in Finland:

  • Two railway stations: Pasila and Ilmala, both with airport connection
  • Pasila Station – public transportation hub  with 50 million annual passengers in 2020’s
  • One third of new jobs and over half of new residents located in vicinity of Ilmala station


  • 5 billion euro private and public investments, over 2 billion euro investments already ongoing
  • City’s investments total 500 million euros, by 2021 260 million euros


Pasila – The Heart of New Helsinki  PDF

Helsinki High-rise International Design-Build Competition

Tripla by YIT

Reinventing Ilmala  PDF


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